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Three ways to cut costs related to printing

Posted by Linda van der Westen on Tue, Jan 17, 2017 @ 15:01 PM

money-saving-ideas.jpgA new year has started. For many organizations this means drawing up the balance sheets. In most cases, that time goes hand in hand with cost saving methods being reviewed and implemented. One of the costs to consider is the cost of printing as it is still a substantial one. Even with all of the solutions out there that offer control over printing. You already know about rules for duplex and monochrome. You are also aware that user authentication prevents uncollected documents from sitting in output trays. But you might not be aware of some of the other options out there. So let’s take a look at other ways to reduce costs related to printing.

Dealing differently with the following elements of your printing environment can lead to substantial cost savings…

  1. USB printers: we still find them in many organizations. And they are expensive to use, but they offer benefits. It is true that holding print jobs until a user identifies at a device ensures document confidentiality. But that did not result in offices without any USB printer. So if you cannot remove them entirely, make sure that printing from these devices is controlled and reported on in the same way that your network printers are. Learn more about this.

  2. Print servers: these represent a cost far higher than any item related to printing. In fact, if you look at the cost of these, you might conclude that providing USB printers for everyone is much cheaper than having multiple print servers that allow printing via network devices. The print server is often considered a necessary component, but it does not have to be. There are ways to manage printing with as little as one server. Regardless of the number of printers and locations there are. But when choosing to remove your print server, be sure that the solution is a match for your environment and check possible limitations. Download our white paper for a list of things to check.

  3. Unlimited availability: though the way people print is often quite well managed, we rarely see that limits are set to how much people can print. Everyone is used to budgets. If the money is not there, it cannot be spent. So why not apply the same to printing? A printing budget for each user, also known as user quota. It is a simple way to promote sensible use of printing equipment. Employees might not realize how much they spend on printing. Having a user quota will make them aware of the cost of printing and it will prevent them from printing more than they should.

These three methods are guaranteed to help reduce costs related to printing. There are more ways to reduce costs related to printing. Costs that are less obvious because they represent time. An employee not being able to print and helpdesk trying to solve the issue. The hours lost on troubleshooting print problems is another cost that can be avoided. Cirrato offers end user self service portals and messages to alert users when they try to print on an unavailable device. Learn more about these cost saving features. Or contact csales@lrs.com for more information about Cirrato.

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