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From September 19 to date: what happened with Cirrato since the acquisition

Posted by Linda van der Westen on Tue, Dec 6, 2016 @ 13:12 PM

Stronger together.jpgIt has been a while since our last blog. And that isn’t because we did not have anything to say. Quite the opposite in fact. Since our last post, we went (and are actually still going) through an acquisition. We released a new version of Cirrato One with failover and load balancing options. And we were awarded ‘Best Single Server Printing Solution’ by TMT News. All good things and to an extent, they are also very much related. The fact that Cirrato has a unique offering is the reason why it received the award and also why Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc decided to acquire Cirrato.
Going back in history, Cirrato started as a solution that changed the way organizations could manage their print environment. And throughout the years, the technical team has continued to develop it further. Not only to extend its single server printing capability, but also to enhance the end user experience and increase redundancy. Being different from the traditional solutions caused interest in the market for Cirrato and it resulted in the acquisition by LRS in September this year. At the same time, being good at what we do, earned us the award for Best Single Server Printing Solution. So in the end, all that happened in the past 3,5 months comes together quite nicely.

The award was a nice touch after the acquisition was announced. Somewhat of a confirmation that Cirrato was the right match for LRS. And it has been a good adventure. Upon receiving the award, the following was published in TMT News Magazine:

Both Levi, Ray and Shoup and Cirrato want to offer high value software products to their customers, and want their customers to benefit from their investment for many years after initial purchase. Gorm who manages the Cirrato team at LRS believes that the key to achieving this is by continuously improving their software and by building a close relationship with their partners and customers, thus unburdening the IT department and increasing print availability. “We always aim to be a reliable and stable company, and the recent acquisition of Cirrato by LRS adds to our ability to provide both. Most competitive solutions have either not been around for long, or the company has long been established but their version of the single server printing solution has only been developed recently. Cirrato is a pioneer and a visionary; now combined with the history of LRS, we feel that we are a company that can guarantee our customers a stable solution that delivers on its promises.

“What separates Cirrato and its owner, LRS, from the competition is the close relationship that we develop with our customers. This might not qualify as a technique technically, but the direction in which the Cirrato solution has been developed is mainly determined by customer input. We do not try and add everything that we are asked to; only if it is an improvement to the solution. That way, we stay focused and unique in our offering. Where others are trying to incorporate many different technologies, we opted to integrate with other leading software and hardware manufacturers in order to provide best in class solutions.”

The recent LRS acquisition, which was announced September 19th, will change a lot for Cirrato, but Gorm believes these changes will only be positive. “The skilled developers will exchange knowledge which will result in an even better technology. The stability and experience of a 37-year old company will increase the market penetration of Cirrato. Our strong focus on technology and on developing the best solution for our customers has heavily impacted on the commercial side of our business. This side is strong at LRS, so we now have the best of both worlds, and will be able to further enhance our solution and grow our business.”

To be part of LRS comes with the promise of a bright future for the Cirrato team. And not only for them, but also for the customers. After all, combining knowledge is bound to further enhance both solutions and benefit those organizations choosing to print with one single server. So hopefully next year, as part of the LRS Enterprise Output Management division, Cirrato One will be awarded for its strong capabilities again. One thing is certain, the team will continue to improve Cirrato so it will remain a best in class solution for its existing and future customers.

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